Nutrition Coaching


Stop the CRAZY and Become the BADASS version of  yourself

I want you to feel amazing in your body and calm in your mind.
Are you ready to stop obsessing and make peace with food and your body?


Imagine a life where you:

  • Are free from obsessing about food and exercise. No more overthinking, over-analyzing and beating yourself up. 
  • Feel confident with your food choices and are calm and in control around food.
  • Deal with emotional eating and are able to cope with feelings without using food.
  • Incorporate foods into your life without any guilt, shame, or beating yourself up about it. 
  • Start exercising because you enjoy it and it feels good, not to balance out what you are eating or to justify food choices.
  • Feel confident in your body, calm in your mind and overall HAPPY! 
  • ENJOY your life without being consumed by your food choices. 
  • Be the best more BADASS version of  yourself

How It Works:

Your initial sessions will be about 60-75 minutes where I will conduct a full assessment to really get to know you. We will discuss your goals, what you are hoping to achieve while working with me. We will explore your relationship with food and body image, your diet history, eating patterns, health habits and more.

Nothing changes if nothing changes and REAL sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight. I will commit to support you during this process as long as you commit to the process for yourself. It takes time develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise but if you put in the time the REWARD is tremendous.

After the initial session, we’ll meet once a week via video chat or phone or in person. You can also email me anytime between sessions.

My approach:

Nutrition counseling is therapy! We will address and discuss ALL aspects of your life as we work together to reach your goal of being the most BADASS version of yourself.

My goal is to help you improve your relationship with food and exercise and help you stop obsessing and being consumed by this daily. Following a restrictive or fad diet doesn’t work long term.  I work through an eating approach that helps you cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your body while also addressing other key health components such as stress, sleep and exercise

I will work with you to find a plan that allows you to eat normally without feeling guilt or shame for your choices. We will stop the mind chatter, negative self-talk and obsessive thoughts around food and create a balanced and peaceful approach to food and exercise.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. And if you want to see sustainable long lasting change you need to put the work in to see that happen. Facing some of the issues that you have battled with food, exercise, obsession over food choices and body image can be extremely tough. I will work with you to address all of these deep rooted issues, help you create better habits and behaviors around food and exercise and leave all that sh*t in the past!  



What You Get


Full assessment-Discuss goals explore your relationship with food and body image, your diet history, eating patterns, health habits and more.

WEEKLY, 30 Minute Follow-Up Sessions

Each follow-up will address how the prior week went, what were some success, barriers, obstacles and establish goals and tasks for the next week


I will review your journal and  provide feedback and support in between sessions.


Support via email for any questions or concerns that come up in between our sessions.

4 Month Program

Includes 12, 35-minute follow-up sessions.

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