Jill is available to consult with your company on a variety of nutrition, food and fitness related projects. With a background in nutrition and exercise science, Jill  collaborates on campaigns to generate business growth and enhance consumer engagement.


Jill loves to bring her passion for food and fitness to larger audiences through public speaking. Her down to earth, dynamic personality helps her really engage and connect with her audience helping her impact and inspire change.

Popular lecture topics include:

  • Foods to Fuel Your Workout
  • Mindset: The Key to everything food and fitness
  • Stress Management 101- How Stress and Nutrition Relate
  • Calm the Mind, Change your Body- How to reduce anxiety around food choices
  • Stop the Obsessions- Finding peace and balance with food and exercise


Jill is available for freelance feature and column writing, consumer and trade publication articles, online and social media content development, blogging, and corporate writing. She works to translate current research into usable tips to help people lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Recent articles:

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