5 Tips to Enjoy your Holiday Parties!


Its that time of year when your social calendar is probably jammed packed with holiday events and parties. And instead of looking forward to these events we often stress them because we are worried about eating like s**t and drinking too much. I can’t tell you how many clients I have seen recently that have said they just want to skip out on the party because they don’t want to eat and drink too much and then feel like crap. What I say to that is, F that you should want to go to these parties. Life is not meant to live like a hermit crab because you are on some restrictive diet or are trying to lose weight or worried about gaining weight. Spoiler alert you can enjoy ALL these holiday parties, indulge in the food and drinks and still come out of the holiday season feeling great!

See my top tips below for enjoying your holiday parties:

1. Don’t Go to the Party Hungry

It can be tempting to “cut back” on food before events where there will be food, especially when there will be a lot of it or if that food is what people would see as “unhealthy”. However, I strongly urge you not to do this because this will only set you up to overeat when you get to the actual celebration, causing you to feel like crap. Depending on what time your event is have a snack or meal beforehand.

2. Go in with a Game Plan

With anything being prepped and prepared always sets you up for success. The same goes with successfully attending a holiday party, where you can eat in a way that feels good to you and enjoy your friends and family. Think about what would make you feel good and what would be realistic and make a plan. Maybe having more than 2 drinks makes you feel like junk, so set the goal before the party to only have 2 drinks. Maybe you are nervous that you are going to overdo it with the desserts, so set a goal that you will fully enjoy one dessert instead of saying you have to completely stay away. Setting up a plan gives you control in the situation and allows you to enjoy the foods and drinks at the party sensibly and in a way that leaves you feeling good. The long term goal is being able to approach the holiday season and all these parties with no thought process or planning to it but if you aren’t there yet thats OK! I can help with that 😉

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Who else is guilty of just having drink after drink at the holiday parties? I know am I! And even if you have set your 2 drink or 4 drink limit you find yourself knocking back the drinks with no inhibition. The best way to slow down the drinking, ensure you stay hydrated and most importantly avoid that nasty hangover that may be coming is to drink water! Try making sure that you have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. This will help you stay within your drink limit and avoid any awkward drunk conversations! 🙂

4. Enjoy your Friends and Family

The holidays have become a stressful time where we are so focused on what we are eating and drinking, how much and if we are going to gain weight, etc BUT really the holidays and these parties are meant to be a celebration with your friends and families. Stay engaged with the other people at your holiday celebration. Focus on enjoying their company and not so much on the food and drinks that are there. If you find your mind wandering off to “oh maybe ill go back for one more cookie” while talking to Aunt Betty be proactive about telling your mind to STOP! and then re-engage in the conversation. The more you can focus on what these parties are about the less you will focus on how much you are eating and drinking.

5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If there is ONE tip you take from all of these, let it be this one: LET. IT. GO . No matter if you say “screw it I am eating and drinking everything in sight cause its the holidays” and forget to implement any of the suggestions above make sure you just let it go and move on. Don’t beat yourself up. What will that do for you? Instead, think about what you could have done differently and then MOVE ON! What done is done, and harping on it won’t change it. Learn from it, let it go and approach the next party or event differently.

Keep on the look out for something VERY exciting coming for January 2020! I am deep in the middle of creating an amazing program that will have you ditch your New Years Resolution of “losing weight and getting back on track” and have you feeling great without ever dieting again!

Happy holidays and ENJOY your holiday parties!



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